Natural Stone Coated Metal Roofing Tiles

Metal Roofing Tile Panel is made of Aluminium with coating of Zinc, which is Aluzinc. Water repellent igneous rock formed 500 years, is coated on the base aluzinc panel. Due to this, the Aluzinc stone coated panels are resistant to water, sound and also UV repellant and thereby reducing the heat inside the room.

Due to the Zinc composition, this product is highly corrosion resistant. Also it is highly reflective to heat thereby giving climatic insulation for building in hot or cold conditions. Due to the shield created, overall Air conditioning cost will come down compared to GI and Aluminium sheets.

The total square meter weight of two metal tile panel is just 6KG, making it one eighth lighter than the clay tiles. Overall length of the panel is equal to 7-8 clay or concrete tiles. Installation is made easy and fast due to this. This world class product, wont increase extra load on buildings as the product itself is light as well as the structure needed is lighter than clay or concrete tiles. It can be cut, bend to shape and installed easily.

As per minimum order quantity, customized colours are possible. Maintenance and Repair work needed is negligible with this product. It can be used in varied applications, environment friendly, recyclable, aesthetically beautiful prefered by architects.

Color Chart


Tile Size (LXW) 1350 mm X 430 mm
Installed Exposure (LXW) 1300 mm X 370 mm
Min. Roof Pitch 12o
Weight Per Tile +- 3.1 kg
Tiles Per Square (tiles/m2) +- 2.08 pcs/m2
Weight Per Square (weight/m2) +- 6.8 kg/m2
Packing 500 pcs/pallet, +- 1500 kg/pallet

Tile Size (LXW) 1290 mm X 385 mm
Installed Exposure (LXW) 1190 mm X 358 mm
Min. Roof Pitch 12o
Weight Per Tile +- 2.9 kg
Tiles Per Square (tiles/m2) +- 2.3 pcs/m2
Weight Per Square (weight/m2) +- 6.7 kg/m2
Packing 500 pcs/pallet, +- 1450 kg/pallet

Tile Size (LXW) 1325 mm X 430 mm
Installed Exposure (LXW) 1250 mm X 368 mm
Min. Roof Pitch 15o
Weight Per Tile +- 3.0 kg
Tiles Per Square (tiles/m2) +- 2.2 pcs/m2
Weight Per Square (weight/m2) +- 6.6 kg/m2
Packing 500 pcs/pallet, +- 1500 kg/pallet

Tile Size (LXW) 1180 mm X 510 mm
Installed Exposure (LXW) 1130 mm X 442.5 mm
Min. Roof Pitch 12o
Weight Per Tile +- 3 kg
Tiles Per Square (tiles/m2) +- 2 pcs/m2
Weight Per Square (weight/m2) +- 6 kg/m2
Packing 500 pcs/pallet, +- 1520 kg/pallet

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