Solar Roof Tiles

Solar energy solutions for your home or business.

Tejas Borja SOLAR roof tiles | Products that are perfectly integrated into flat tile roofs from Tejas Borja “Flat” range.

Flat Roof Tiles

Technology, innovation and sustainability.

The largest ceramic roof tile in the world, perfectly flat roof tiles and Marseillaise roof tiles available in the Tejas Borja catalogue.


The most used roof tiles in homes.

French tiles, mechanical or interlocking tiles. Curved and flat profile as a single roof element. Variety of S-interlocking roof tiles, with maximum performance in installation and aesthetics of curved tiles.

CURVED Roof Tiles

Mediterranean tradition - The curved ceramic roof tiles or barrel tiles in different sizes are a Mediterranean classic that never goes out of style.

Discover the curved roof tiles of Tejas Borja!

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