Titanic Zinc Cladding

Laminated zinc, a building material that appeared in the 19th century, has many aesthetic and functional advantages that allow it to adapt to all architectural styles. Thanks to its exceptional malleability, elZinc® titanium zinc adapts to the most unusual and complex geometries. Its versatility in terms of implementation systems and surface aspects allows it to be installed inside and outside, to cover the entire building, or to be used as a simple decorative element. We offer you a wide range of timeless and elegant aesthetic surface aspects that will integrate harmoniously into your building.

1) elZinc Alkimi® range: Our 5 pre-patinated grey surface aspects reveal the shapes, volumes and textures of the architecture.

2) elZinc Rainbow® range: Use colour into your projects and combine the elegance of zinc with the richness of colour.

Pure Elegance

  • Zinc cladding and roofing allows a great deal of freedom when designing. The elZinc Alkimi® aesthetic finishes give character and authenticity to your architectural projects. Manufactured from elZinc® Natural, according to EN988 and ASTM B-69 standards, through a unique surface treatment carried out with elZinc technology and know-how, the elZinc Alkimi® range respects and maintains intact the zinc ́s original properties.

    Zinc cladding and roofing contributes to create a unique style and confers undeniable aesthetic value to buildings. Used alone or combined, the shades that compose elZinc Alkimi® - currently the widest on the market - reveal the shapes, the volumes and the textures of architecture.

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